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XO Laptop’s New Software

During the XO laptop upgrade Weekend here in Washington DC, I’ve been taking notes on the OLPC learning club DC impressions of One Laptop per Child’s software 8.2.0 for the XO laptop.

The overwhelming verdict: Finally, the XO laptop really works!

Now why the parents and children of our humble group would be so amazed by the changes that 8.2.0 brings? Let me give you the run down of our experience with what feels like a whole new computer:

The Upgrade Process
First and foremost, the 8.2.0 upgrade process is
easy, especially if you upgrade off a USB memory stick. Gone are the days of dealing with Terminal – its all automatic. That said, there was consensus that its still more fun to upgrade as a group. Yet there are two reasons not to upgrade in haste. You will loose any saved data, so be sure save it to another USB memory stick first. Next, you’ll also loose any extra programs, like Skype or Opera, and will need to re-install them again.

Can your XO laptop do this?

Sugar’s User Interface
“Wow!” That the overwhelming response from DC. We’re amazed at how much easier and faster everything works. From the simple inclusion of a
control panel, to a fixed XO chat, to the advanced neighborhood view where different types of connections are shown differently, the user interface is much more intuitive. Or as one parent said “I can use the XO now!”

Expanded Content
The XO now can claim to come with a decent set of
Wikipedia content with both internal and external links to more data. By covering the basics, OLPC shows what can be done to help children learn even when they are offline. There are also user guides and even complete XO manual to show new users the XO’s tricks.

Hardware Changes
The once useless right mouse button now activities a number of “right click” actions, effectively doubling the mouse functionality. Another new functionality is the
WIFI manager in the XO Control Panel, where you can turn the mesh on or off. This is a great way to extend the XO’s battery life or even use it on airplanes. Best of all, we now have instant suspended and resume:

New Software Bugs
Its not all smiles and happiness in One Laptop Per Child land – there are a few bugs showing up in Release 8.2.0 that need fixing. One of the favorite programs for children, and a great teacher of letters and spelling is XO speak, and now it works only sometimes. It’s often silent, especially when you want it to comfort a sleepy child. Also, there are reports that XO get doesn’t work from Sugar and you need to go back to Terminal to add new programs.

New XO Hacks
I know that right about now there are geek tweaking their XO’s to get the most out of this build, but we found the star of Release 8.2.0 hacks to be Kevin Cole, who already
pyramided his Home view in the first minutes after upgrading. Now let’s hear him show off his randomized home view

Now Its Your Turn
If you have an XO laptop, its time for you to joint he rest of us and throw an XO Upgrade Party of your very own. No matter if you’re in a group or not, you’ll never be alone. The entire OLPC News Forum is ready to
help you with SUGAR and LINUX. As you do upgrade, be sure not to be shy.


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The Apple iPhone’s New Software

We all know about The Apple’s iPhone 3G. It has a mind-boggling applications and majestic look. It has full touch sensitive screen, motion sensor, wi-fi, maps and lot more.
In addition to this, The Apple iPhone 3G software, launched with the iPhone 3G S, and available as a free download to existing phones, adds much-needed basics such as cut and paste and e-mail viewing in landscape mode. It also has tools to help find or disable lost handsets that have gone astray.
The no-cost upgrade will greatly enhance individual users’ experience, while also increasing the pressure for centrally managed, enterprise-class tools to harness the new power provided by the update, which is available from 17th June.

Cut and paste:
The ability to select text and graphics for cut-and-paste operations is a feature that has been sorely missing on the iPhone. With the new software, it is simple enough to tap and hold to activate the selection tool and then drag the selector over text and graphics. Another tap brings up a cut/copy menu bar. After moving to the target application, pasting the selection is a quick two-tap process.
Many applications already have the ability to work in portrait or landscape mode on the iPhone, so the addition of this feature to the built-in mail application is welcome (if a little tardy). Mail works the same in either mode, with the keyboard changing to match the device orientation. The larger keyboard in landscape mode should help users who have had trouble accurately typing on the smaller keyboard that is used when mail is in portrait mode.
Some iPhone application makers are going to find it tough to go up against the free offerings from Apple that are included in the iPhone 3.0 software. For example, the built-in Voice Memos application records clearly and is simple to operate, and it trumps the voice recorder application I bought from the App Store.

Lost and Found:
Apple now provides a way to find lost iPhones and remotely wipe data, but only if individuals are signed up for a $99-per-year MobileMe subscription. The new features require that “push” be turned on, which can be a significant drain on the iPhone battery, depending on how frequently the process is set to run.
During tests, the Find My iPhone feature was generally accurate, narrowing down the location of my phone to within a couple hundred yards of where I was testing the device at home. However, I found the Google maps app was much more accurate than the iPhone app at locating the phone.
Unfortunately, the remote wipe feature appears to be a deadly poison for iPhones. Apple says that remotely wiped phones can be restored from MobileMe or through the restore process in the iTunes desktop client. However, after sending the destruct signal to my second-generation phone and attempting to restore it, the device just showed the Apple logo and then turned off.
I’ll have more to say about improvements made to the calendar, stock app and other iPhone tweaks, but, for now, I’m off to the Apple Store for some remote wipe first aid.

The free upgrade to iPhone OS adds cut-and-paste capabilities, landscape mode for e-mail, and the ability to find and remotely wipe devices. However, in preliminary tests, restoring a wiped device was easier said than done.

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Raffle websites and Raffle scripts

It is no wonder why today world is called an e-world. With Internet and World Wide Web revolutionizing the entire world, we could even call this era as an Internet era. Having said all these, it is evident that people are getting profits or making real money from Internet that has lead to its fame and popularity. Currently the web world is being occupied by more number of Raffle websites. These are nothing but ordinary websites which earn profits to both the users and the website owners. To say in simple terms, these websites are similar to gambling websites where in, the user buys tickets and tests his luck which could win him/her a big raffle worth many times than the cost of the tickets. These websites are getting popular day by day and are attracting a lot of people. These are not mere gambling websites where there is only a single winner. These sites offer some good discounts and prizes for all those who participate and also offer a good prize to the winner. Thus people here are satisfied that they get some offer that is more valuable than the amount they spent. To increase the profit from these raffle websites, the webmasters have now developed raffle scripts. These scripts enable the site owner to run any number of raffle websites in parallel thus their pockets with more money. With these utile scripts the site owners could even announce some exiting offers for people who participate. One such offer would be a referral system in which people get some percentage of the winning amount when person referred by them emerges the winner. The scripts also benefits the website owner by increases the website’s hit rate and getting it a lot of sponsors. They are also very secure and require minimum technical specifications.

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