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Led Zeppelin – Striking Hard

Led Zeppelin were a legendary hard rock band in the 1970’s. They pioneered and perfected a new trend of Rock called classic rock which made them unique in many ways and brought them long lasting success and following. The origin of the band dates back to 1966 when Jimmy page their lead guitarist broke up from Yard-birds and founded the New Yard-birds with fellow bass guitarist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant, and drummer John Bonham. However the name Led Zeppelin came about when one of the guys supposedly remarked flowing like “a lead zeppelin” in practice which eventually stuck as the name.

They released several studio albums which became instant hits like Led zeppelin I , Led Zeppelin II, Physical Graffiti and the Presence. Some of their immortal blockbuster chart numbers include “A stairway to heaven”, “Kashmir”, ”the immigrant song”, “Black dog” ,”Achilles last stand” etc .In their zenith they were voted as “ the heaviest band of all time” by the Rolling stone magazine. However as was the wont they fell into the habits of the time and were increasingly involved in drugs, this marked a slow downfall as their drummer John Bonham died in early 80’s reportedly of excessive drug abuse thereby leading to the breakup of one of the most original bands of 20th century.

The band never really joined up again despite several efforts and speculation and their only real reunion in recent times being the O2 arena concert in 2007 which sparked record attendance.


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