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Terminator: Salvation

The fourth installment of the Terminator Series: Terminator Salvation is a film that grows on you instead of striking an instant chord with the audiences unlike The Terminator (1984) and Judgment Day (1991), reason being its script. The previous blockbusters had those trademark face-offs and one-on-one tussles between a defensive hero (a member of the Connor family) and that one killer Terminator sent by Sky net to destroy John Connor who holds the key to the survival of human kind. 

Salvation set in the late 20th century LA (2018) keeps aside the one-on-one Connor V/S Terminator battle and in order to widen its collage and give the series a refreshing new look focuses on the human race V/S the machines war. Christian Bale is John Connor who leads from the front in human kind’s battle against the machines who are now way too powerful and too many for the humans to defeat. 

Machines now dominate the air space, water and land and their only motive is to destroy two men – John Connor and Kyle Reese. Can the ruthless machines break Connor’s Resistance and destroy humanity once and for all? 

As mentioned in the review before Salvation’s novelty comes with a price. It acts as a double edged sword as the very one-on-one chase between a man and a killing machine which made Terminator the brand it is, has been done away with by MCG. The clutter of Terminators (T-600’s in abundance) throughout the film makes them seem generic while John Connor has little to do and say as his character is more mechanical than the machines themselves! He acts and behaves like a robot with no emotion on display and is actually overshadowed by actor Sam Worthington who superbly essays his complex character Marcus Wright. It is Marcus’ track in the film which in fact makes it interesting and appealing. 

What make the film worth a watch in spite of the drawbacks are its superb climax and groundbreaking special effects and graphics. Watch out for the T-1000 Terminator making a come-back in the film towards the end (special appearance). The action scenes seem shockingly true and wont let you even bat an eye-lid while they are on. The war movie setting also gives the series a brand new look. The film’s metallic grey look also works in its favor. 

Do you miss Arnold in this one? Of Course you do and Bale has little to do in this film anyway so he has not ‘replaced’ Arnold and his presence in the film. Bale gets to play John Connor; Terminator’s most sought after character but as an actor gets little to do and speak (disappointing). Sam Worthington steals the show and fits his character with aplomb. Background score is again not up to the mark. 

Terminator Salvation is an all machine show with very little emotion and humor to it but that shouldn’t keep you away from the film… it’s a superb watch for its special effects and sleek action… tons and tons of it. 


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