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The Hangover (2009)

The hangover

The hangover

The Hangover is another fun ride flick from the Todd Phillips. The plot revolves around a bachelor party four friends hatch-A school teacher Phil, a dentist Stu, Doug(who is about to be married in 2 days) and Doug’s eccentric soon to be brother in law Alan which is a trip to Vegas before the marriage of Doug. The trip becomes a disaster after Alan mistakenly drugs everyone by mixing roofies in their drinks instead of ecstasy.

The four eventually do not remember anything that has occurred the night before and will have to solve a medley of complex riddles the next morning which includes a tiger in the bathroom , Missing groom Doug, a baby in the hotel room , their missing car, and Stu’s inexplicably missing tooth. Phil, Alan and Stu follow a series of leads including an ATM receipt and a hospital bill obtained last night to uncover a series of events which provide them all the answers. However the final missing piece in all of the puzzle is locating the groom Doug, who is eventually discovered sleeping in the hotel rooftop and now they have to deliver him in time for the wedding which is just another 4 hours away!! The movie is filled with witty dialogues and plenty of comic mix ups to keep the viewer interests going. The cast has a surprise cameo by boxing champ Mike Tyson. It will appeal to all of those bachelor hearts who will not mind booze and some fun before a wedding.



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